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Only $38! Call or text for an appt at 813-657-7299.


$25 fee for no shows!! Must cancel at least 12 hours in advance

OceanRayz Tanning Studios uses Norvell Products, which are guaranteed to be the most natural, golden brown spray-on color solution in the industry. The low tack, non-sticky, fast dry formula incorporates premium instant cosmetic bronzer for an immediate, natural “just off the beach” look. Norvell Products contain the latest technology in sunless tanning, containing high levels of DHA for long term golden bronzing with no orange color. It also contains Erythrulose – an additional bronzer for extending your color days longer. Norvell’s exclusive odor control agent virtually eliminates unpleasant DHA odor. Norvell’s micro-emulsion technology provides an even, effective mist application with a pleasant Raspberry Almond fragrance. A streak-free formula, and Aloe Vera based product, offers built-in sheeting action to eliminate spotting and streaking. The airbrush/turbine solution utilizes skin firming Copper “Firm-a-derm” technology for younger, youthful looking skin and Caffeine, which is proven to reduce the risk from over exposure to the sun. *However this product is not a replacement to sun screen.
“Sunless Preparation and Maintenance Guide”

What do I need to do before my sunless visit? EXFOLIATE. This is extremely important! Exfoliate your skin the night before or morning of your appointment to remove dead skin cells. Best results occur when exfoliation is done several hours prior to your spray session. BE CLEAN. Avoid wearing makeup, perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants or any product on the skin. Your skin MUST be completely clean & dry for the best results. SHAVE EARLY. Shave/wax at least 8 hours before your session to minimize irritation. CHECK YOUR MEDS. Medicated or prescription lotions may act as barriers to tanning solutions. We recommend you wait at least five days from the last use before you get an airbrush tan. NO SUNBURNS. Sunburns have a possibility of peeling, which will peel your Airbrush Tan off. Do not get an Airbrush Tan until your skin has peeled. What should I wear for my Spray Tan? You must wear some type of bottoms for sanitary reasons, please wear something dark if possible. Men must have shorts or speedo type bottoms. Remember to bring dark, loose fitting clothing for after. Try to avoid wearing a bra immediately after. Nothing tight. How long will it last? 5-8 days is normal but depending on your skin type and post care, it could be longer or shorter. Some have lasted 14 days. When should I get my Spray Tan? If you are being sprayed for a special event, it is advised that you have a spray done weeks in advance to be sure the results are exactly what you want on your special day. All sprays should be done at least 24hrs prior to any event to allow your tan to fully develop. How should I care for my Spray Tan? AVOID WATER. Wait 8-12 hours before showering, sweating or coming into contact with water. WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING. After your tan, wear dark, loose fitting clothing for 6-8 hours. Tight clothing will rub your tan uneven. After your post-tan shower, avoid any clothing that may encourage the skin to shed. MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! This is the most important step in maximizing your tan. You can nearly double the life of your tan by using a quality bronzing moisturizer morning & evening after your first shower. WASH CAREFULLY. Use a gentle, moisturizing body wash. Pat your skin dry, don’t rub. ASK YOUR SPRAY TECHNICIAN TO SHOW YOU OUR SUNLESS CARE PRODUCTS AVOID EXFOLIATING. Any hard scrubbing or exfoliation will remove or lighten the tan. AVOID PRODUCTS WITH ALCOHOL. The most common cause of pre-mature fading the use of products (lotions and soaps) containing alcohol. CAUTIOUS WITH CHLORINE. A tan will almost always fade when submerged in any type of water for any length of time. Avoid long hot showers and baths, and excessive exposure to chlorine in pools and hot tubs. EASY ON THE SWEAT. Take care when exercising as excess sweat may cause your tan to fade unevenly. Will a spray tan protect me from the sun? No, there is no SPF or protection from a sunless tan. For any furthers questions or concerns, please ask our certified spray tan technician. All sprays MUST be by appt ONLY. There will be a $25 fee for no shows. You must cancel 24 hours prior to your appt.